Alyssa S.H. or Aly came into MrSmileyFace's life about almost a year ago (September 29th, 2013). After they met , they instantly hit it off and started talking bringing ideas to each other's head for books and inspiring MrSmileyFace to start writing another story that he's turning into a movie with his crew. Alyssa herself recaps her story below:

Alyssa S.H.

Early LifeEdit

My name is Alyssa (Aly), and i was born january 19th. I grew up in many places, but mainly in a small town by the name of Holly, which is known for the Holly Haunted Hotel (pretty cool right?). I moved a lot, and since it has always been hard for me to make new friends because of my painfully shy personality I got into the arts. Mainly writing and drawing.

Meeting MrSmileyFace (Tyler)Edit

I first met Tyler my freshman year, in art class (coincidence, I THINK NOT!). We actually started talking because I saw him drawing anime, which i so happen to love, and he heard the music i had been listening to, which he liked. So from there we began talking and writing back and forth; making up little stories and sometimes long stories, but stories all the same. Which brought us here.

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