How It All BeganEdit

MrSmileyFace's real name is Tyler A. Bawks. Tyler has always loved the deep dark twisted stuff of a good horror movie or story. He seemed to have craved it. He started out making movies in 2009 when he got his first camera and starting making short videos with his friends for fun. That's when he realized he loved making movies. He started to a save up his money for props and effects and started his own horror movie career in May of 2010. Tyler came up with the name MrSmileyFace as kind of an ironic thing being that he didn't smile all that often, but as the movies started getting into gear he could stop himself from having a good time. It started out as just a small thing, four friends getting together to shoot a ten minute long movie. Then it became thirty minutes. Then it became an hour. Now MrSmileyFaceproductions makes full length movies with the support of family, friends, and all the followers they have on social media.

MrSmileyFaceproductions' chief director, MrSmileyFace (aka Tyler B.)

Unfortunately, being that they only make horror movies, they got banned from youtube for EXCESSIVE GORE.

Early LifeEdit

MrSmileyFace was born on October 5, 1997. As he grew up his parents watched a lot of scary movies which most likely is what sparked his love for fear and horror. As a kid his favorite holiday was always Halloween and he loved the decorations the most about Halloween. To him candy wasn't as important as a good scare and a neat decoration.

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